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My 7-year-old son, Maksymilian, attended Mały Geniusz day camp for the second time. I was glad to see how happy he was and how much he learnt during the classes. For me, as a parent, the most pleasing is that kids learn different things and skills through play, and the organizers do not forget about the physical development of children. My son enjoyed the atmosphere and care with which teachers approach kids. I am convinced that Maks will attend many future day camps organized by Mały Geniusz. 

Anna Siewczyk, mother of Maksymilian (Warsaw)


We would like to thank you for the wonderful time and beautiful memories that will stay with us for the rest of our life. The considerable amount of knowledge gained during the camp will bear fruit in the future. 

Alicja Ogrodowicz, mother of Weronika (Gdańsk)



Piotr Byczkowski, father of Ola (Szczecin)


We are delighted with Little Genius … and this is our second time at this camp!

Maria Niedźwiadek, mother of Beniamin (Warsaw)


Thank you for a great time!! My son’s daily smile is a proof of that.

Elżbieta Mikos, mother of Mikołaj (Warsaw)


A great team and great organization, very good ideas for fun activities for kids! We enrolled our daughter for the next week of holidays. It is a pity that the first grade for six-year-olds does not look like that. It will be difficult to return to regular school.

Małgorzata Waszkiewicz, mother of Lilianna (Wrocław)


„My son Adam came back from every workshop full of many new experiences, which he shared with his older siblings and parents at home. He was happy, full and tired physically. He was reluctant to leave the camp every day and was disappointed with the upcoming weekend. In the morning he would gladly get up for another meeting with the Little Genius adventure. I heartily recommend the camp and will be happy to enrol again in the future. Thank you!  

Dorota Morek, mother of Adaś (Kraków)


Thank you for the great care 

Anna Siwiec, mother of Dominik i Jakub (Warsaw)


Thank you very much for great activities, brilliant organization of time for children and qualified staff. 

Katarzyna Skowrońska, mother of Iga (Wrocław)


Thank you very much for professional care, creative activities and great fun. We will definitely be back next year.

Magdalena Baturo, mother of Alicja (Lublin)


My son Borys was very pleased with the day camp 🙂

Katarzyna i Dariusz Somka, parents of Borys (Warsaw)


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